After declaring good night together, Seiji deterred the sunshine when you look at the home and went back to his own bedroom.

«Harano onii-chan, something special requirements!»

As he went back to their area, they noticed Reo jumping around and passing your limited present package.

«Thanks so much.» Seiji happily approved and popped upward.

The present would be a tiny dairy solution Bunny mascot from Honey Candy woman . It actually was linked with a string, and is a good length to become hung on his own cellular phone or his table as a decoration.

«i enjoy this, it really is really cool,» the guy informed her truly.

The tiny lady beamed cutely.

After carefully putting away the small rabbit doll, Seiji switched off the lighting and visited sleeping.

Then arrived in Reo’s psyche domain.

They started their technique and analyzed his own [items] solution and saw he experienced obtained many savings from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s items.

After thoroughly inspecting all his own prize foods, this individual felt that a lot of unique among them was actually –

[absolutely free capability practices card], gotten from Shika’s souvenir.

Due to this one-time-use cards, the man could use any abilities of their for free to him or her, without using any kind of his own fuel or Mana, and overlooking any practices restrictions like few hours they might use it in a day. Like for example, [mild from your Brink], which had been merely usable one-time on a daily basis, even when the man used it once currently, they can use they again on a single night by using this credit!

He or she gotten an [hidden approach card] from Mika’s offer.

This one-time-use credit allows your getting entirely invisible until the guy moved some experiencing animal or individual. This problem may be kept for up to 2 mins, and also it got easy for those with an impressive standard of [Astral view] determine witness him. If he attacked all life while under this invisibility effect, their approach’s power would be doubled, and that he might possibly be revealed afterwards.

This became generally a traditional mixture of some assassin method like «stealth» and «backstab!»

The man was given a [Damage-canceling protection card] from Reo’s surprise.

Applying this one-time-card will allow him or her to block anybody hit originating at him and see zero destruction from using it.

He’d best three text to describe they: life-saving cards! This individual could positively respond pretentiously applying this to bar some adversary’s supreme power.

As well as those 3 notes, all the rest had been some stat-raising cards not to mention items which experienced less than amazing results.

Seiji gratefully accepted all their sensations.

He or she instantly made use of every one of the stat-raising cards he’d was given, which increasing his own [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual electrical] statistics correspondingly.

From then on, this individual sealed their method and started initially to engage in cultivation.

After this individual satisfied the progress needs and spent the necessary points, Seiji taught [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji well rested for a while, then he used the same exact strategy for jumping off the ladder to go away Reo’s spirit world.

As he woke awake, the guy have upwards casually so that you can certainly not wake-up Reo, acquired out of bed, don his or her jacket, and wandered regarding his place.

They went on to the sitting room, and found that Chiaki wasn’t around!

Front side doorway is available.

Seiji moved outdoors decide the silver-haired cosmetics waiting external, silently monitoring the evening air together with her pilfered washcloth blanket cover her shoulders.

The accumulated snow had stopped sliding currently, plus the moon got came out. It had been illuminating anything with a gentle gold radiance.

Under this color satellite, a silver-haired woman am searching for within sky… this scene felt stunning and poetic to Seiji.

He strolled on to their area, and gently viewed the night sky combined with her.

After a minute of quiet.

«an individual discovered me personally,» Chiaki mentioned softly. «i did not sleep together with Mika, because I seen that i’d be not able to rest tonight. I ought to get returned room, but i must say i didn’t should go-back… therefore I could only bother you this evening. Well, i did so desire to receive what it felt like to sleep on tatami rugs by a kotatsu ‘s part too… anyway, I had been only becoming willful. Excuse me for virtually any worry about i might need triggered an individual.»

Seiji searched towards their.

«i did not determine anything at all particularly, and am simply letting you would as you happy. We arrived on the scene in the middle of the evening to check on your because I was stressed if you’d staying chilly. I know that one may become somewhat willful on occasion, and it’s really wonderful. If I felt that which you were stating something irrational, I would discuss they. If I believed that you had been doing something excessive, I’d stop you using iron fists of fairness. And also on one more give, provided that I really don’t feel it one thing excessive, I am going to cooperate to you, or give you a hand, or escort we.»

Seiji smiled lightly. «therefore, for this reason you shouldn’t apologize, nor shed on your own extreme in loneliness… The expression of a dating sites for seniors over 50 girl head from a catastrophe facts does not suit your style whatever, Chiaki.»